Guess who replied to my tweet?

Guess who replied to my tweet?
February 2, 2010 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! the other night i was thrilled when one of my favorite people in the entire world replied to one of my tweets (their hobo tie-dyed chic legs are pictured below) for those of you who follow me on twitter – you might already know … find it out who it is … AFTER THE JUMP!

it’s my darling courtney love! girlfriend tweeted how she thought a ‘certain someone’ should replace simon cowell on american idol – i immediately replied – saying she must be on a serious amount of drugs to think that … then she replied – first calling me cute (OMG!) then said no drugs – just that she’s kooky sometimes – an understatement! (the actual tweets are posted below) i almost passed out – i was super excited to know courtney actually read my tweet and replied – it made my day! i need to figure out a way to interview ms. love when her long-overdue album nobody’s daughter is released – making it hole‘s fourth studio album! enjoy the pics of ms. love out in NYC – wearing a crazy looking outfit – of course – i wouldn’t have it any other way! popbytes over & out for tonight … xoxo