guess who’s not going to fake rehab anymore?

guess who’s not going to fake rehab anymore?
July 12, 2010 JEREMY FEIST

Sad news, guys; Crazy Tits (aka Tila Tequila) isn’t going to Dr. Drew Pinsky‘s fake Celebrity Rehab anymore! Yeah, I know, what a shame. Now how is she going to get over that fake addiction to snorting Ambien? … Wait, snorting Ambien? What the fucking fuck kind of dumbass logic is that? Jeebus H. Christ, if you’re going to fake an addiction for the sake of publicity, at least make it semi-believable!

After being the first to sign onto Dr. Drew Pinsky’s life-saving cable television show, the trouble-prone reality TV star has withdrawn from the program, which is expected to begin filming later this month.

“No,” was the simple and short statement RadarOnline.com received from Tila’s management, when we questioned if she was still to appear on the show. Her manager refused to go into more detail about the circumstances behind her withdrawal. SOURCE

Ummmmm … what a shame? Oh who the hell are we kidding. I think if someone were to actually put Crazy Tits and Dr. Drew in the same room, the resulting amount of douchebaggery would create some sort of blackhole of stupidity that would pretty much engulf the entire world and end life as we know it. So I guess this is pretty much the best news ever. Yay!