grey’s anatomy – love it!

grey’s anatomy – love it!
April 24, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok so i have had like 10 people come up to me and ask me – are you watching grey’s anatomy? and i’m like hello – did you see the rather large banner at the top of popbytes touting this incredible show? i’m not making one red cent off it – just the satisfaction knowing maybe a few more people will tune in! if your not watching – your missing out – i simply think the show is killer! (and if you know me – medical dramas make me squemish!) tonight is episode four – and although i do so miss my sassy ‘boston legal’ – spader and shatner will return next season (with 27 new episodes!) – so after you do the ‘catch-up’ of ‘desperate housewives’ tonight (it’s a recap show – boo-hoo) stay tuned for one of the hottest shows this season – from the music to the witty script – and who doesn’t love miss sandra oh…her dry-self just kills me! love her! popbytes out for now!

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Grey’s Anatomy – April 24, Sunday 10/9c ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’

An exhausted Meredith thinks she may have made a mistake during surgery, which could jeopardize her career. Meanwhile Izzie’s plan to throw a party for her new boyfriend goes completely awry, and Alex deals with a patient who is addicted to painkillers.