grey’s anatomy code black pt 2!

grey’s anatomy code black pt 2!
February 12, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey boys & girls – here we be on a sunday – it’s absolutely gorgeous & warm here in los angeles today – i think we may head up to the dog park in a bit – thankfully there is lots of good TV on tonight too…first up is a two-hour extreme home makeover – it looks like a real tearjerker as per usual – they have been advertising the show with james blunt‘s ‘you’re beautiful’ – so make sure to have some tissues on hand! i swear that blunt song is everywhere right now! he rocks!

after the tears there is a brand new episode of desperate housewives – it seems like every other week is a repeat – ABC sure does like to spread the new ones around while gathering lots of ad dollars – so tonight Tom tries hard to bond with his new boss, Karl makes Susan an offer she cannot refuse, Bree does some sneaky sleuthing at Betty’s house, and Gabrielle sets her house in order – after our visit with the ladies of wisteria lane comes what i have been waiting for all week long though a trip back to seattle…

i know many of you watched last week’s grey’s anatomy – it pulled in the highest primetime ratings for a show (38 million!) since ‘friends’ said goodbye over two years ago! i have been a HUGE fan of this show from its start and it just keeps getting better! tonight the whole ‘code black’ situation that started last week is supposed to escalate! guest star christina ricci was awesome last week – and now our dear ‘meredith’ (ellen pompeo) has her hand on the explosive – let’s hope ‘dr. mcdreamy’ (played by my favorite TV hunk super hottie patrick dempsey) comes to her rescue! i so hope the big ratings continue for this show – it really is one of my favorites at the moment! also i just discovered there is a blog upkept by the writers of the show – it’s a great read – check it out over at greyswriters.com – popbytes over & out for now – check you all laters – xxoo!