greg the bunny returns!

greg the bunny returns!
November 11, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids! i had a really fun day today that started off with covering the press junket for the new christopher guest film for your consideration which opens next week (nov 17th) i’ll be writing more about that in a few days but can i just say i got to tell comedy & improv goddess catherine o’hara how much i loved her! plus i quoted her a line from one of my favorite movies she did (i promise to give details in another post) and parker posey was so funny…she was doing a needle point project while she took questions! kooky yes – but in a very good way!

anyways – i recently got a screener of the second season of greg the bunny (premiering tonight on IFC) i’ll be honest i had never heard of ‘greg’ before but i love puppets – so i figured i would check it out – oh my word – i’m so glad i did – it’s so freakin’ funny! each episode is a ‘deranged puppet parody’ and spoofs a different movie! last night i watched two episodes – one based on the movie monster and the other was based on dogville! both were hysterical and definetely not for the kiddies – i just love seeing puppets interact in an ‘adult’ manner – the show is highly recommended! plus the whole first season of greg the bunny is now available on 2-DVD set which i totally must pick-up (it includes a parody called ‘natural sewn killers’ – that’s such a great title) oh i’ve become a huge fan of this bunny named greg! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

PS if your dying for a greg fix – check out some hilarious webisodes available over on ifc.com…

Gilbert Gottfried does lunch with Greg the Bunny in Wumpus the Monster airing Sat. Nov. 11 @ 9PM
Photo Credit: Tom LeGoff/IFC