GQ US shades GQ UK over Kim Kardashian on Twitter

GQ US shades GQ UK over Kim Kardashian on Twitter
September 9, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Last week, the world found out that Kim Kardashian (WEST) had been names GQ‘s Woman of the Year, resulting in a collective “Her?” from around the world. But it turns out, that was only for the UK edition. The magazine’s US counterpart wasn’t happy with the fact that they were getting blamed for the UK team’s terrible taste in famous women, and decided to voice their opinion on Twitter …

I know in America, we have a habit of cranking out do-nothing celebrities like the factory molds are going out of style, but come on UK. Don’t reward them. I mean, yeah, there was that Vogue episode a little while back, but we all agreed that it was a mistake and to never talk about it again. But you didn’t learn from our mistake, GQ UK. How would you feel if we stuck Katie Price on the cover of People magazine and named her Most Beautiful … actually, is she even a person at this point? How much silicone can you put into a person before they stop being a human and legally become furniture?

Kim Kardashian

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