gorillaz dare you!

gorillaz dare you!
November 10, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

quick next day lunch update!

hey hey – so i finally found the video for the new gorillaz single dirty harry – and the cartoon dude character again makes another appearance – this time in the desert…so please check it out! rock on people – i am so glad it’s friday! i will be back later tonight…xxoo

» watch gorillaz’s dirty harry (.mov 26mb)


oh my word it’s been a busy day – i just walked in the door but tomorrow is friday (plus it’s veterans day) – so it’s all good! anyways i have mentioned gorillaz here before – they are that crazy ass cool as all hell band that i simply adore & admire – they have a new single dirty harry that is to drop nov 21st in the UK – i hope they will have more cross-over success here in the states – they really deserve it – for sure gorillaz is one of my most highly respected bands…so i dug up their last video dare – check it out below – i just adore that little cartoon character and the song is slamming – i love their whole style & design – it’s killer – popbytes sure will be back tomorrow…i am so very out for now – xxoo

PS personal note to CK – oh you and yr baboons – you make me laugh girlie! you so need to take an LA ‘trip’

» watch gorillaz’s dare (.mov 25.9mb)

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