goodbye my studio 60…

good morning! it’s friday AND the iphone is out today but i’m still way sad over losing studio 60 on the sunset strip! last night was the series finale – and gosh i know a lot of people weren’t into this show but it has been a staple for me this past TV season! i’m so glad that unlike some networks which we won’t mention here (FOX – ok i did mention it) NBC at least had the kindness to play an entire season and didn’t leave any storylines dangling – i would have loved to seen the show picked up for a second season but i felt quite satisfied with the finale – finally ‘matt’ & ‘harry’ (played by matthew perry & sarah paulson) got back together – ‘jordan’ (amanda peet) pulled through her drama at the hospital and asked ‘danny’ (bradley whitford) to officially adopt her new baby girl – and ‘tom’s’ (nate corddry) brother was saved from being a hostage in khandihar – then the studio lights were dimmed as ‘danny’ smoked a cigar and walked off into TV history…oh my word – i even cried – i am so going to miss this show! the writing, the acting, and the pacing were perfect! (i know people will shoot me down for saying this but i loved the show!) i hope we’ll see a DVD release of the first & only season of studio 60 on the sunset strip – it came on with a huge bang after being heavily advertised and went out quiet & respectful! was anyone else watching the show – did you catch last night’s finale? what did you think? popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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  • Anonymous

    It’s fair enough that you liked this show, but the pacing was perfect? The writing was perfect? You might not want to stick your neck out and do any other television show reviews for a while.
    The entire show was self-absorbed and condescending. It wasn’t remotely funny or effective dramatically. It was a waste of money and time. Such a shame.
    Sleep well Studio 60.

  • MK

    I knew I would get dragged over the coals for this one – i don’t claim to be a critic or anything like that – I just liked the show – for some reason i was hooked – there’s plenty of other shows that i don’t mention or write about – but this one grabbed me and held my attention – it wasn’t funny like ’30 rock’ but there were great moments of humor – and there must be someone else out there who agrees with me?!? i’m curious to see what new shows will grab me next season!

  • Rob

    I really liked the show too, thought the finale wrapped things up nicely, and am sad there is no season 2 to look forward to. One of only a couple shows I watched this season, now I can put the TV back in the closet where it belongs.

  • Grace

    I agree with your entire post. The only thing I disliked about this show was that there were too few episodes. I love the chemistry between… well, everyone. I loved the tv history lessons it taught from time to time. I even loved Amanda Peet and NOTHING has ever made me love her.
    So, fear not. There are some out here heavily mourning the loss with you.

  • Jmom

    I loved the show — but didn’t know one other soul who did. I thought it was such a good platform for so many of those actors (esp Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet). I’m also glad they tied up loose ends the way they did…

  • Isabel

    I really have enjoyed the show also and am super sad to see it end.
    And having never watched West Wing, I’m thinking I may have to go out and buy the first season!

  • neurophile

    Hubbie and I loved the show.
    Good writing, good pacing, good casting.
    So what if it wasn’t true to life; it showed TV people as having emotions which, admittedly, is a bit of a stretch.
    But. Was it too much to ask for a second season for those of us who like our dialogue fast and relational, who like our characters to think and react fast?
    I am SO VERY SICK of reality (ha) shows and of “Not Like My Mother Married to Queens” type shows where the yucks are projected a thousand miles ahead and the comedic acting is questionable.
    Just one show for us. Just one.
    My own, personal, little boycott of that particular channel has started.
    Good night Studio 60 – we enjoyed your company.

  • emily

    I absolutely adored the show. While I felt there were way too many “part 1/part 2″ episodes, I don’t think the chemistry could have been any more amazing between characters. My favorite part of all, however, was its social commentary. The opening scene of the first episode was incredible. When the show had generally low ratings, the script writers tried to explain (through studio 60) that they just have a more intelligent demographic and thus can handle lower ratings. The commentary on the war was incredible. Studio 60 will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you, this was one of the best shows introduced in the 2006-07 season. I was upset when they cancelled it, but I am happy with the way it ended.
    Hopefully NBC will try this format again, with the same writers.

  • Ken Stenger

    I have to say that I will miss this show. Its sad on how a show like this can fail but does not surprise me with the way the public has gotten comfortable with shows where they do not have to think and enjoy and lets not forget about all the people pounding their chests over PC these days I am sure that was the death of this show. I believe most people thought this show would be slapstick comedy or a more serious show aka The west wing. I enjoyed the story lines and the interweaving of plots,As with any Woody Allen movie you have to use your brain to to enjoy the humor in the story. I really hope this follows in the footsteps of other shows that got canned and then picked up somewhere else and it becomes the hit it was meant to be.
    I will say good night to the show but never goodbye.. Please someone take this jewel and make it shine. And for all those who did not get the show.. don’t worry American Idol will be back shortly…