goodbye my ‘six feet under’

goodbye my ‘six feet under’
August 21, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

gosh i wish it was really cloudy & dreary today – in honor of losing one of the best shows ever six feet under – but no it’s super bright & sunny here in los angeles – so maybe it bodes well for the fate of the many characters on six feet – that life will indeed go on – i read somewhere that there will be an extensive postscript – filling us all in on what happens in the future – all i know for immediate future means making sure i have plenty of tissues for tonight – i already am kinda an emotional sensitive person to begin with – so this sad (but so fucking brilliant and amazing) show really does send me over the edge – oh gosh i can’t believe it’s all over tonight – RIP six feet under – you will not be forgotten…popbytes out for now… :(

In the series finale, David finally embraces a demon; Keith gives “tough love”; Nathaniel talks to his younger son; Claire gets an exciting phone call; Margaret is impressed to see Olivier’s nurturing side and Ruth finds consolation in the truth from Maggie.