goodbye idol hopeful kristy lee cook

goodbye idol hopeful kristy lee cook
April 16, 2008 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey! i finally got my wish – for the very mediocre and boring as wood kristy lee cook to get the boot on american idol tonight! although i was betting that my dear brooke white was going to be leaving – so i was really happy when ryan announced that brooke had another week! although i know it’s going to come down to the guys – i still don’t have an ultimate favorite just yet – right now i’m rooting for both david cook (who is looking cuter each week to me) and oh so dreamy jason castro – i’d love to see them battle it out for the final two but i just know that david archuleta (who completely annoys me on many levels but he is quite talented) will take one of the final spots!

as for mariah carey i thought she did a great job performing her second single bye bye which i bet will also land her another #1 hit – i’ve listened to her new album E=MC2 a few more times and i really like the whole thing – i wonder if she’ll get grammy nominations again like she did for the emancipation of mimi? at work earlier today we were all talking about her sense of style which is almost non-existent at times but damn her body looks great right now – yet girlfriend could really use some styling help – some of her hoochie momma mall getups are just plain awful (part of the blame can be placed on long island – and don’t forget i’m from there which allows me to make occasional digs!) tonight mariah’s black dress was halfway decent and i loved her microphone & stand all covered in what i assume must be swarovski crystals – mimi is such a complete diva and so over the top (i bet she’s the type of person it’s fun to play practical jokes on) but that’s why i adore her along with that killer voice! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!