goodbye idol hopeful haley scarnato

goodbye idol hopeful haley scarnato
April 11, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

good evening! i just returned a little while ago from the cemetary premiere of the tripper and director david arquette said a few words before the screening including thanking his wife courteney cox-arquette even saying ‘she is the reason i breathe’ – both looked adorable (she’s stunningly beautiful in person) so i think everything is fine & dandy with this couple! (contrary to what the tabloids are claiming) i’ll do a more in-depth post tomorrow night since the whole event was quite an adventure…

of course as soon as i returned home i immediately called up american idol on the my trusty tivo to see who got the boot – i was a bit surprised that even with the inevitable ‘tits & ass votes’ ms. haley scarnato had to wave goodbye – i really thought (creepy) phil stacey was going to leave tonight (he’ll probably go next week…) haley seems like a sweet girl and all but i’m not a fan by any means yet i did feel a little sorry when she got all choked up watching her ‘goodbye montage’! (i can cry at the drop of a hat – i’d be a total mess up there!) unfortunately i still think we’ll be seeing sanjaya malakar make it to the final two – he was actually quite decent this week but i’d still love to see him leave before the finale…

finally what did everyone think of jennifer lopez‘s performance of her new single que hiciste? i thought she worked her thing out quite nicely although the song is a drop boring to me – maybe making a whole spanish album was a mistake – she probably should’ve mixed it up a bit – gosh with lagging sales i bet we’ll hear talk of an english version of her latest outing como ama una mujer! oh man i want the days of waiting for tonight – now that was (and still is) a fucking hot track! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!