good news & winter flicks!

good news & winter flicks!
November 17, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

well first off here is some good news – finally! dana reeve wife of the late superman christoper reeve is doing pretty good considering she was diagnosed with lung cancer three months ago – she made an appearance tonight at a fundraiser for the christopher reeve paralysis foundation she said tonight i’m beating the odds and defying every statistic the doctors can throw at me, my prognosis looks better all the time – this is so great – she is one of my favorite people – as was her husband! keep up your fighting spirits girl – chris would be so proud!

so today i was lucky to get an advanced copy of the polar express on DVD (it hits stores next week) – which i saw last year with my brother and absolutely adored the whole thing – it is destined to be a holiday ‘must-see’ – plus they are re-releasing the film in theaters all blown out in IMAX 3-D (it’s been a bit of a 3-D mania lately…) – the polar express is perfect for that experience – i must check it out – and if you haven’t seen this film yet – it is mandatory popbytes viewing – and i’m not one all big on holiday films – but this is so well done, very sweet, plus it’s also kinda dark in a number of ways and besides all that the musical numbers are so great! i could go on & on – just see it whatever you do! i get the feeling a lot of people haven’t seen it (at least that i know) so i am just spreading the news that it rocks!

i am so glad tomorrow is friday – i so need the weekend and next week is thanksgiving – the time is sure flying these days – the holiday movie releases will be coming fast & furious – next week i am going to a screening of rent which i can’t wait to see – and very soon comes the whole chronicles of narnia – the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe – i so love the old 1979 cartoon – i hope the film is every bit as magical as i remember it – and our dear tilda swinton plays jadis, the white witch – i can’t wait!

however i was just reading about how disney hired motive market – the same agency that helped to market mel gibson‘s ‘passion of christ’ into the blockbuster ($600 million) it was (by reaching out to churches & other type places) – we all know popbytes is not a huge fan of religion – have your beliefs – i do have mine but don’t make a spectacle or ‘warrior’ of yourself…you guys know what i mean…so i guess narnia does has some parallels to christianity – heck i was a kid when i saw it and i don’t recall anything like that – just a fun story – so it will be very interesting to revisit this tale with a fresh perspective…i just liked the whole idea of walking into a closet that led to another world – ha ha ha! anyways i am out for now – check you all laters – rock on! xxoo