god bless oprah winfrey!

god bless oprah winfrey!
September 6, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

ok so i come home after work & was totally ready to watch the all new oprah – where she went down south to visit the survivors of hurricane katrina – and i thought i had seen enough and was feeling i couldn’t watch it anymore – but to be 100% so super honest – this was the best coverage of the massive human suffering that is still going on – the show was so intense and so well done (a second part airs tomorrow) – it took me completely off guard – and i sobbed – i couldn’t believe it – below is a quote from my dear oprah that i find so immensely overwhelming and so very true – i so wonder what would happen if this took place in LA, miami, or NYC? i hope i never know – my heart goes out again to all the people as well as animals affected by this horrible storm (gosh- can you even believe the size of that storm? i pray we never see another) – anyways god bless oprah winfrey for being who she is – say what you want (naysayers can simply bite me!) – i only wish we could all be more like oprah – the true smiles from all when they saw her in person was enough said…popbytes out for now…

I think we all – this country – owe these people an apology. We still don’t know how many of our fellow Americans lost their lives in the Katrina catastrophe. As New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin says, ‘It is a number we all fear.’ But we do know that a million did survive. They are not refugees. And I hope that everybody in this country and the world stops calling them refugees, because they are not. They are survivors and we, the people, will not let them stand alone. They are Americans – Oprah Winfrey