gnarls barkley vs. supertramp

gnarls barkley vs. supertramp
May 18, 2006 TEAM POPBYTES

hey hey! top of the pop morning to you all plus it’s thursday – so you all know what that means…a brand new mashup of the week brought to you by the always awesome DJ paul v. – who brings us yet another hot fresh track – i will just let paul tell you all about it below…can i just say i love supertramp? anyways try & enjoy your day and i also wanted to send a special birthday shoutout to mr. gabriel over at modern fabulousity…do make sure to drop in over at his kickin’ site! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

This week, come get bitten by the Gnarls Barkely bug. (FYI – GB is the
moniker of producer Dangermouse & rapper Cee-Lo). Their
fan-frickin’-tastic single Crazy is exploding! It started out as a
blog sensation months ago, and I knew it was gonna be huge the first
time I heard it. And when tracks like that blow up, you can always
expect tons of bootlegs being made, too. I already have 6 or 7 “Crazy”
mashups, but I had to choose the best, and this is the one. It’s “Crazy”
breezily jamming with the sublime keyboards and castinets of
Supertramp‘s The Logical Song – mashed together by Arty Fufkin (cute
Spinal Tap reference there, kids). Oh, and listen closely for some quick
snatches of The Who and Rockwell in the mix, too.

Enjoy – Crazy Logic

– DJ Paul V.

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