‘Glee’ is covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. *HEADSPLOSION*

‘Glee’ is covering the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. *HEADSPLOSION*
January 26, 2011 JEREMY FEIST

Admittedly, I’m still a little on the fence about Glee; I love it but ultimately I feel like it may have painted itself into a corner creatively. But lo, like God finally answering my prayers for world peace and bigger pecs, Glee is covering the Yeah Yeah YeahsHeads Will Roll in a mash-up with Michael Jackson‘s Thriller. Ho. Lee. ZOMBIEJESUSBABIES.

Attention Gleeks and Ghouls! New Directions is prepping for their biggest performance to date: an OMG mashup of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Heads Will Roll. The performance takes place during halftime of the episode’s pivotal football championship game, and in an homage to Jackson’s infamous video, the makeup is more garish than glamourous with gaping wounds, grayish skin, and unsightly bumps, bruises and scars. SOURCE

Yes yes, oh sweet May mother of Jesus YES. Granted, I always figured that if they were going to cover a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, they’d go with Maps first, but hey, a Heads Will Roll cover on Super Bowl Sunday, aka that stupid game of football that overshadows my birthday every goddamn year? I’m okay with this!