get the new scissor sisters’ DVD!

get the new scissor sisters’ DVD!
December 11, 2007 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh good morning! i’m already having drama this morning – my male chihuahua fidel isn’t fixed – and the new girl chihuahua candy is in heat – and she’s not fixed either (she’s wearing doggie diapers) now he is being super aggressive and just bit me quite hard – not good times – he’s going to the vet today to finally get snipped and she’ll be next – i’m seriously hoping that fix him will help to cut down his aggression since it’s getting out of control and i’m not sure what else to do – any suggestions? i’ll keep you guys posted with what happens…

anyways all that doggie drama aside i’ve got a trailer posted below for the brand new scissor sisters DVD hurrah – a year of ta-dah which i posted about a few weeks ago – and band member baby daddy added a personal introduction to the clip for popbytes! (many thanks to popbytes pal carmen for helping me secure the trailer!) besides a full length concert – the DVD contains a bunch of backstage clips and interviews with the band while they were on their world tour – plus there’s all the videos released for their awesome sophomore album ta-dah – this is a must have for all fans! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!