gastineau girls are my guilty pleasure!

gastineau girls are my guilty pleasure!
January 19, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i am so damn glad tomorrow is friday! it has been so freakin’ cold in los angeles – it is making me crazy! i’m sure it’s not nearly as cold as it is in some places right now but i just hate the cold – and i am freezing right now – brrrrrrrrrrrr!

anyhoo – i wanted to talk about a very guilty pleasure of mine – yup it’s those mother/daughter twosome – the gastineau girls – they are in the middle of the second season of their reality show over on E! – and everytime i watch it – i am baffled how these two manage to get by…if it wasn’t for their money – i think they would both be working the streets…i mean what could they really do for work? nothing! literally! mom lisa was telling gossipist michael musto in a radio interview – that she considers herself a personality rather than a celebrity – he quipped ‘oh why is that because you don’t actually do anything?’ ouch!

now don’t get me wrong – i actually do adore both of these crazy ladies – but after a while you just gotta laugh at these two nitwits – especially daughter brittny who is one of the laziest people i have ever seen – thank heavens mom keeps the gal in line – without mom keeping her together i think she just might be the next ‘sleeping beauty’ or just come plain unglued at her lazy seams…she has been trying to find something ‘to do’ this season – she had a great opportunity to DJ with the awesome DJ skribble and learn from him – did she grab the brass turntable by the balls? hardly! i was like girl i would love to do that as would a lot of other people – so snap out of your dumb rich girl haze!

i implore you to catch this show if you can (new episodes air tues @ 10pm on E!) – it’s a like an airhead camp gone wrong – i love to watch these two wander around aimlessly while both are looking good & feeling gorgeous – just do something ladies! and ideally i would love to see a meeting between mafia princess victoria gotti and lisa gastineau – that would be so fucking hot! i think those two could be BFF and maybe brittny could date one of those ‘hot gottis’ – a match made in reality TV heaven! gotti & gastineau– ha ha ha – moving on all i can say is oi vey – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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