fritz helder & the phantoms’ lagerfeld lady

fritz helder & the phantoms’ lagerfeld lady

good morning! i’m super excited about this post … i’ve been dying to feature one of my new favorite bands – fritz helder and the phantoms (join ’em on myspace / follow ’em on twitter) they’ve gathered quite a following up in toronto and now they’re ready to take the states by storm! the band is the first act to be signed to nelstar – nelly furtado‘s record label – girlfriend was in town last week to introduce them at their first show here in los angeles (over at cinespace – on friday the band played at mr. black in NYC) i’m so glad i decided to go (i hate describing music but if were forced to – i’d say the vibe is electro pop rock disco glam) they were amazing live – as the band was playing – i decided to tweet a picture of ’em accompanied with the message ‘fritz helder and the phantoms are like my new favorite band’ – as i was composing the message – the main lead singer started saying ‘are you texting? are you texting?’ … i looked up and he was looking right at me! i probably turned bright red as i quickly told them i was twittering about how they’re my new fave band … for the rest of the show – i did not twitter and kept my attention completely focused on the performance at hand! below you’ll find the sexy video for their first single lagerfeld lady – along with a remix of the song by dragonette and make sure to pick up their debut album greatest hits: platinum edition which was just released on july 7th – i haven’t been able to stop listening to it! popbytes over & out for now … xoxo

PS i almost forgot – check out this video shout out the band made for popbytes!

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