Frances Bean Cobain offered Lana Del Rey some wisdom …

Frances Bean Cobain offered Lana Del Rey some wisdom …
June 24, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Lana Del Rey

A few days ago or so, a quote from Lana Del Rey started making the rounds about how she glamorous it would be to die young and how she wishes she was already dead, and for the most part everyone kind of just rolled their eyes. Yes, we get it, hipsters like the superficial glamour of emotional moments without any of the actual psychological fall-out. Thankfully, Frances Bean Cobain came along and decided to put a few things into perspective here since … you know. Kurt Cobain. Yeah.

I like how she basically sat down, explained her point of view, provided actual context, reasoning, and evidence behind her opinion, and managed to refute Lana’s point without getting personal or petty about it. See? You can actually have a healthy debate on the internet without both sides devolving into a privilege-checking war of futility! Yay for rational thought and reasoned analysis!

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