foxy brown is deaf!

foxy brown is deaf!
December 15, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey everyone i was doing a little lunch and then i hear that super fly rap diva foxy brown is deaf – she came out today in a press conference and said she has been deaf for the past six months – i couldn’t imagine – that is not good times – i feel so bad for her – first a bunch of legal woes and now this! she is to have surgery later this year and doctors are being all hush hush on any of the details…i so love foxy (aka inga marchand) – and popbytes sending out some extra love to her – we all know she is a strong lady and a fighter – so i hope she can weather this storm…we need you foxy! popbytyes out fow now – xxoo

ps i am adding a sassy track from foxy herself off her 1999 album chyna white – if you listen at work you may not want to play it too loud…that foxy is oh so dirty but quite fun!

» listen to foxy brown’s chyna white (.mp3 4.2mb)

I ask only for your continued prayers and compassion as I embrace the blessings of my journey, I am racing to the studio the moment that God affords me the opportunity to hear again…