Five influential films you need to see!

Five influential films you need to see!
August 31, 2010 MICHAEL KNUDSEN


Annie Hall (1977) This classic actually happens to be my favorite movie of all-time – partly because I adore star Diane Keaton as the title character – and Woody Allen actually reminds me of myself sometimes – Oh I can be extremely neurotic! If you haven’t see this beyond charming, smart and Oscar-winning movie – you must – it’s romantic comedy done best!

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985) Tim Burton is one of Hollywood’s most successful directors today and this little gem of a film is the one that started it all! Plus who can resist the charms of Pee-Wee Herman (played by Paul Reubens) This film is required viewing but you can skip the sequel Big Top Pee-Wee which was a huge disappointment – but don’t fret – there’s a new Pee-Wee movie in the works!

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) I do love a good scare at the movies – and this is probably one of the most chilling and suspenseful films you’ll ever see. Mia Farrow is amazing (and beyond gorgeous) as the woman who ends up giving birth to Satan’s child (after her husband strikes a horrifying deal) Hollywood certainly doesn’t make thrillers like this one anymore – there’s not a lot of blood and gore but the chill factor is turned all the way up!

Happiness (1998) This movie from writer/director Todd Solondz (of Welcome To The Dollhouse fame) is all about an incredible script and excellent performances – A very dark comedy about a dysfunctional family that will totally make you appreciate your own family, however crazy they might actually be!

Requiem For A Dream (2000) Two words: Ellen Burstyn (who you might remember from The Exorcist) She delivers the performance of her career as a woman with an addiction to diet pills – plus the editing and music are amazing – director Darren Aronofsky builds the film to a climax you won’t soon forget! Plus there’s cutie Jared Leto – when he used to do more acting than making music with his band 30 Seconds To Mars!

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