FitnessBytes: Touch yourself & let others touch you!

FitnessBytes: Touch yourself & let others touch you!
January 19, 2011 WES FERGUSON

Sure, everybody has probably seen Adam Levine all naked and stuff by now. That’s no reason not to see him naked again!

There are certain parts that need exploring to ensure good health. Adam stripped down for testicular and prostate cancer awareness, but I think his girlfriend slash hand model is doing most of the work. It is of course way more fun to let somebody feel you up than do a self-check, but it would totally kill the mood if they found something. Let’s think this through!

Properly fondle yourself before playing “doctor” at home, and then you can be worry free before enjoying the many health benefits fooling around with a naughty nurse affords. Yes, having sex is healthy — even kissing is good for you (see ten reasons to makeout on my blog).

For a Hollywood approved body, touch yourself & let others touch you! *W*

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