FitnessBytes: The ultimate home workout machine!

FitnessBytes: The ultimate home workout machine!
September 29, 2010 WES FERGUSON

Wanna be a hot bitch like Hugh Jackman? I asked the dude who trained him as Wolverine: If you had to choose only one exercise machine, what would it be?

This is Michael Olajede‘s answer…

“This is a tough question, as there are several excellent machines that I would recommend,” he says. “However, the elliptical wins hands down.”

Here’s why…

Dual action: Newer machines work upper and lower body simultaneously

Smooth ride: Zero impact workout, means no joint issues

Custom fit: Allows workout for people at any fitness level

Become a hot bitch and stay beautiful! {w}

P.S. To see more Wolverine hotness, visit my blog; If you dare to try some of Michael’s killer workouts, check out his Aerospace DVD series available at aerospacenyc.com!

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