fitnessbytes: set your goal!

fitnessbytes: set your goal!
June 23, 2010 WES FERGUSON

Giving Becks a run for his money, Cristiano Ronaldo is the new A/E underwear guy. He sure looks hot in those mini man panties! I question his eyebrow situation, but with his shirt off it’s difficult to navigate above the nipple (so you may be asking WHAT EYEBROWS?!) To maintain his attention-pulling abs, he reportedly does 3,000 sit-ups a day. Is this a good idea for normal people like you and me? Unless you’re in peak physical condition, you’re at risk of completely overdoing it. There’s hardly any muscle pain that compares to a super sore core (it hurts every time you move). Plus, we all know it is diet and aerobic activity that burns belly fat, so even doing a billion crunches won’t turn flab into ripped abs. As a pro-sportsman, Cristiano is surrounded by fitness trainers and expert dietitians who can sign off on his activities. Plus, he has years of practice; purportedly starting out in the gym as a teenager. While getting up to his league is a great goal, it takes practice. Even Cristiano had to work for it over time. You can do it, but you’re got to get there gradually.

Set your goal & stay beautiful! [w]

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