fitnessbytes: run for your life!

fitnessbytes: run for your life!
April 14, 2010 WES FERGUSON

No matter where you are in the world, you can run. Even if you’re locked in a tiny room, you can run in place! Celebs absolutely LOVE to run, jog or even just walk really fast; their reason for doing so being two-fold: 1) so they can be snapped in hot action shots doing their fitness and 2) to torture the out-of-shape paparazzi.

The only problem is, running fucking sucks! It can also be hard on joints. The elliptical machine, a non-impact alternative, non-alternatively also fucking sucks. The treadmill is made by the devil. I can’t even go there. Some people love to run, in fact hottie Sam Sparro told me that on his crap days, “I go for a jog,” he added, “It gets your head straight and pushes you physically.”

Glee hunk Matthew Morrison likes running for a different reason. “I’m still kind of a loner,” he told Parade magazine. “Even the sports I’m into — running and cycling — are the kind I do myself.”

Like it or not, it doesn’t cost a penny and a good run is an awesome workout. At the end, even though I hate it, I always feel better.

Take a run, enjoy the scenery and stay beautiful! [w]

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