FitnessBytes: Pink’s fitness fundamentals!

FitnessBytes: Pink’s fitness fundamentals!
November 17, 2010 WES FERGUSON

I would totally marry Pink, if that makes sense coming from a gay guy. She’s stylish and glittery, yet a totally tough bitch, LOVE! (Plus, hopefully I’d marry into her relationship with biker babe Carey Hart). To the subject at hand, there’s no doubt Pink takes her fitness seriously. (Especially now that she’s pregnant!) Recently I spoke to her trainer, who gave me her ‘propers’.

Fitness guru Tanja Djelevic, who trains Pink, breaks physical transformation down into four proper principles …

1. Proper Mindset: Focus on goals

2. Proper Training: Find enjoyable activities

3. Proper Recovery: Schedule stretching (like yoga or myofascial release)

4. Proper Food: Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and proteins

Remember that fitness isn’t just one hour at the gym — being all healthy and crap follows through in everything you do!

Follow Pink’s fitness fundamentals and stay beautiful! {w}

P.S. See more detailed ‘proper’ explanations plus a really good story about meeting Pink on my blog, Better By 30.

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