FitnessBytes: Make the grade!

FitnessBytes: Make the grade!
November 24, 2010 WES FERGUSON

Mr. Schuester is a schmuck but Matthew Morrison is fine as fuck!

The hot teach gives a fitness lesson in the new Details; pencils up!
Cardio 5 days a week: Matthew cycles about 100 & runs 25 miles a week. This sounds like a shit ton of cardio, but an average hour-long cycling class equals about 15-20 road miles.

Crunch out abdominal exercies during downtime (see a 10-minute ab routine on my blog)

Focus on one muscle group each workout in 20-minute sessions

Get a workout having fun at the beach. Paddle-boarding is “a great core workout,” he tells Details.

Fast fix: When prepping for a shirtless scene (or magazine cover), Matthew does a short-term sweet potato diet; eating only the high-fiber, high-protien veggie that naturally purges water weight. (p.s. THIS IS NOT A WEIGHT-LOSS PLAN)

See more sexy, shirtless Matthew Morrison pics on my blog.

Make the grade & stay beautiful! {w}

Three anywhere-exercises to fight holiday fat!

Kegels: The sexy exercise!

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