FitnessBytes: Hot sexy three way!

FitnessBytes: Hot sexy three way!
January 26, 2011 WES FERGUSON

Lately I’ve been obsessing over that dude with the lips on Glee. I’m sure he has a name, but I call him Lil’ Abby. Not only because I enjoy emasculating guys that are hotter than me, but also — and mainly — because of his delicious abs.

Unlike some crybaby assholes, seeing a hot body doesn’t make me hate a bitch. It inspires my lazy ass to get to work. Here are 3 ways to work your abs (thanks, Men’s Fitness!)

As you lose weight, your body has less resistance when you do a regular sit-up. Using weighted resistance (a high-cable pulley, dumbbells, etc.) will deliver better results. Go slow, maintain proper form and use appropriate weight.

No gym needed! Pilates workouts are opposite of weighted exercises because rather than short burst of activity, they focus on constant tension on your core over long periods of time, making your midsection strong like bull!

At home or the gym, doing crunches on top of a ball gives you a greater range of motion.

In a time crunch, try my patent-pending 10-minute ab routine (on my blog).

For a Hollywood approved body, get to work on those abs! *W*

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“Abs are for people with no friends” Which Star Trek hottie said it?
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