fitnessbytes: get some action!

fitnessbytes: get some action!
July 28, 2010 WES FERGUSON

There’s no better big-screen delight than a popcorn action flick to blow up the night! All those hot sweaty men running around wrestling with their big guns, it really gets the blood pumping. With just about every action hero in the universe from Sylvester Stallone to Jet Li in The Expendables, it looks like has the most bang for the buck this summer. (P.S. Stallone is looking weird in the face, but he’s still got a good body) Outside the theater, it’s generally frowned upon to blow up cars and stuff. Probably illegal too. Rules! Yet there are ways to experience fantasy-type action IRL.

Earlier this year I went indoor rock climbing and it was just like Sly’s movie Cliffhanger (except nobody died). It was definitely a workout and a half, using muscles I don’t think I’ve ever used before (some of which are still sore). On the harder walls, you fall. They catch you with the safety line, but still. It’s dramatic! If life were a movie, it’s like doing our own stunt work. Or something.

Seeking more violence? Try taking a paintball course with some buds. First of all, those paintball thingies hurt! You’ll be running like a bitch so you don’t take a round to the chest (unless you’re into that kind of thing). The real-life action gets your pulse racing and checks off an activity for the day.

Get some action & stay beautiful! {w}

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