FitnessBytes: Find your sexy!

FitnessBytes: Find your sexy!
November 3, 2010 WES FERGUSON

How does AnnaLynne McCord find her sexy? Apparently not by humping on Kellan Lutz anymore, since their not-so-secret relationship is dunzo. Poor girl!

While Jeremy Feist and I battle over the delusion that we’re next in line to tap that Twilight ass, AnnaLynne is tapping into her inner hot bitch: “When I want to feel sexy I like to dance,” she told People, “even if I’m at home by myself in my knee-high socks sliding there like Risky Business … I feel sexy when I do that.”

Moving around gets the blood flowing to those naughty parts, plus it also produces endorphins, which are the same good-feely things released during orgasm! You can even do sexy exercises to really get you in the mood (find more about those on my blog, and get Kellan’s four tips on having the ultimate body).

Looking good may be subjective, but feeling good is undeniable.

Find your sexy and stay beautiful! {w}

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