FitnessBytes: Fight fat with free weights!

FitnessBytes: Fight fat with free weights!
September 8, 2010 WES FERGUSON

Remember when Jared Leto got fat for his role in that one movie nobody saw? Thankfully he’s no longer fighting the hotness! To shed pounds, people often presume it’s all about cardio — NOT SO.

When it comes to getting slim and sexy, Dexter babe Julie Benz busts a fitness myth with “heavy, heavy lifting,” which she says is the key to her four-day-a-week training regimen. “There’s this misconception that if you lift heavy weights that you’re going to bulk up,” she says. “As a woman, I can attest [that] you don’t bulk up – you actually trim down.”

Celebrity trainer Rachel Cosgrove recently told me that the biggest weight loss myth is “That steady state aerobics is the most effective form of exercise for fat loss” She says men & woman need to trade in the treadmill for free weights. “Doing more than 4-5 hours a week of exercise is not realistic for most people, so that time should be spent lifting weights and doing a couple of interval sessions,” she adds. Get more fitness tips on my blog!
Fight fat with free weights & stay beautiful! {w}

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