fitnessbytes: don’t go on a ‘roid rage!

fitnessbytes: don’t go on a ‘roid rage!
April 21, 2010 WES FERGUSON

Dudes who want to look like Pauly D., The Situation, Ronnie and the rest of the gorilla gang on Jersey Shore have every temptation to use steroids to get there. Firstly, the assumption that everybody with a buff bod takes steroids is not just incorrect, it is wrong. Plenty of fit people only look hot as a byproduct of healthy living. The intent was never focused on getting all beefed up, it happened naturally during the process. Many times people become so focused on the end result, the dramatic physical “after” that they forget the whole fitness thing is about overall well-being, not 6-pack abs and puffy chesticles; those things come as a result of eating well and being active. Injecting harmful amounts of chemicals into the body is never a good thing. It is the opposite intent of being a healthy person! On Jersey Shore, the guys hit the gym on the regular — my mother told me what happens when you assume things so until it comes out of their mouths I’m not going to suggest they’re all juicing. The whole truth of the matter is that anybody who hits the gym as often as those guys do will see their body transform. Fact. There’s no reason to wreck yourself.

DON’T go on a ‘roid rage & stay beautiful! [w]

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