fitnessbytes: develop a reward system!

fitnessbytes: develop a reward system!
May 5, 2010 WES FERGUSON

Star sighting: Adrien Brody at In-N-Out. I spotted Adrien earlier this month at In-N-Out burger. This hot bitch has a great body, but it was hidden under a hoodie. He was wearing shorts so I did get to peep his calves. They’re nice! Wait, what? In-N-Out? Yes, my celebrity sighting does place me at a fast food joint. The problem with restrictive diets is just that; they’re restrictive! That’s why I believe in a reward system. If you’ve been on point by following a well-balanced diet, go ahead and treat yourself to something you crave. I will never be one of those overly-obsessive types who are afraid to eat something that hasn’t been approved by their trainer, and encourage you to adopt the same philosophy. Fucking live a little!

Allow yourself a reward system & stay beautiful! [w]

Star sighting: Adrien Brody at In-n-Out

How to develop a reward system

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