fitnessbytes: celebrate yourself!

fitnessbytes: celebrate yourself!
April 7, 2010 WES FERGUSON

I share a birthday (today) with several celebs — but true to my Aries nature, it’s all about ME! This week, I encourage you to think about ways to make fitness part of your next celebration; l like I’M doing with MY BIRTHDAY.

Take your cue from self-obsessed Hollywood types (like me!) and make sure to announce the day with big plans. Don’t be one of those curmudgeons who can’t just STFU and have a good time. Why sit life out and live on the sidelines; you are the main event! Let the world celebrate you, by celebrating yourself.

Tap into something that defines you and focus the event around whatever that is. Because I’m active, adventurous and like to try new things, this year’s is “Wes’ rockin’ birthday: An indoor rock climbing adventure.”

Fitness isn’t just physical; it can be mental and even spiritual. Celebrate yourself by actively finding ways to further develop and explore the elements that make you who you are.

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