fitnessbytes: become a knockout!

fitnessbytes: become a knockout!
August 11, 2010 WES FERGUSON

I’ve crushed on Milo Ventimiglia at every stage of his career; swooned over his bad boy ways in Gilmore Girls, championed him in Heroes and equally reviled slash romanticized him as ‘Rick Rape’ in last year’s Gamer with fellow hottie Gerard Butler. Like many Hollywood hotties, this kid cuts it in the ring. “When we were on Rocky, I saw the discipline that [Sylvester Stallone] had,” he told Mens Fitness. “Even when we were shooting the boxing scenes, he was constantly drinking from his water bottle because it contained all these vitamins and supplements.” Boxing doesn’t have to be brutal. Take the exercises outside the ring to the gym floor, like jump rope, shadowboxing, abdominal exercises — all the things boxers do to train for a fight — soon you’ll be ripped and ready to rumble!

Become a knockout and stay beautiful! {w}

15 Minute Full-Body Boxing Blast

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