First Look: Jonathan Rhys Meyers in ‘The Tudors’ (S2)

good evening! thanks to a special popbytes’ friend (who i simply adore) i’ve got two brand new pics from the set of the second season of showtime‘s critically acclaimed sexy ‘historical’ series the tudors with resident hottie jonathan rhys meyers! (i wish this kind of history existed when i was in high school!) jonathan is fresh out of rehab and over in ireland shooting ten new episodes sporting a small moustache & goatee making him look older but still so damn hot (although sadly we’ll have to wait a number of months before the show returns…) the first season finale aired this past sunday and i’m almost caught up! i’ve got two more to watch on my trusty tivo! everyone that i know who has been watching the show loved it and we’re all totally stoked for more of mr. meyers as king henry viii! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS oh don’t forget there is a new series premiering this sunday (june 17th) on showtime called meadowlands – i’ll be doing a post on the oddball show very soon – a totally creepy but highly entertaining experience – i’m already hooked!


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  • Emily

    Jonathan Meyers is SO hot.
    The tudors = amazing

  • jess

    LOL. i’ve never found him attractive, and this just seals the deal…

  • Jenn

    Forget Jonathan…Henry Cavill is gorgeous and not a pretty boy.

  • dtd

    I think Henry Cavill is the most beautiful man ever.

  • jess

    but who is that guy in the picture next to him? mmmmmm mmmm

  • MizLiz

    “Tudors” bears no resemblance to actual history whatsoever. If only the BBC had been in charge of this show, it might be worth watching. A scrawny little gym rat portraying one of the most powerful men of his time? Uhg – no way.
    And the women! Just take a look at their portraits in the museums…you won’t see them with low-cut dresses and cleavage overflowing. That was for tavern wenches and wet-nurses. Period.
    A very disappointing show.

  • gg

    He is such a girlfriend-beating, full-of-himself TOOL.

  • JEN

    I mean JRM is hot, but i’m completely in love with Henry Cavill …. mmmmm he’s one of the most perfect looking men.

  • Vince Noir

    jrm might be more attractive if he didnt to that creepy starey eye thing, a la britney. henry cavill is gazillion times better looking!! and how come theyre getting a 2nd season, i thought it was billed as a special 10 part series..tho i guess thats why theyve dragged it out so much, im only upto ep 7, and he hasnt even divorced katherine yet!! i didnt expect it to be totally historically accurate, but theyve ruined the story :( left out loads of major stuff, not least the fact that henry was a redhead!!! if you want facts AND a great story, read Philippa Gregory.

  • erika

    hello, I want an e-mail of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He is a good actor, I like a film called Bend it like Beckham. Please, we send me his e-mail. My e-mail address is thanks

  • DuchessOfPhilly

    the Tudors is truly sexy but it is totally historically unaccurate. True, all the sexiness portrayed in it really happened, and history was really as hot as it is shown in here, but the casting is horrible. Francois of France was supposed to be shorter than Henry. Henry was actually considered hotter than JRM. There was another sister—MARY ROSE! But showtime CONBINED MARY ROSE AND MARGARET into ONE CHARACTER!!!!
    it’s outraging. And they totally should have shown Margaret’s—the REAL Margaret’s—life. her’s was just as hot, and reckless. she was running around everywhere picking up different lovers and boyfriends. as for Mary Rose, they’re showing the truth for her, but, well, erm . . . . she did NOT die childless. ok, so now there is NO nine-day Queen, English Civil war, Mary Queen of Scots and all that hot and violent stuff that was supposed to happen after . . . 85% historically accurate? shut up Michael Hirst

  • stella

    I know Jonathan for his movies, is definitely sexy and his voice..but Henri Cavill i saw first time and i said…oh my good!!is sexy,hot and gorgeous!!

  • Ana

    ok ppl,who is watching the tudors because of the history??
    if u want to know the true about henry VIII,then go to the book store!!
    Jony is so sexy,and that’s the only reason for watching the show!!
    love u Jonathan..kiss kiss kiss

  • jules

    jonathan rhys meyes is hot but he should have never been with reena

  • daisy

    jonny you’re hot seductive and so dreamy.Whenever i see him on the tudors i wish i could be with him.Can’t wait to see season 2!!!!

  • maria

    lo unico que quiero qgregar aqui es que desde el primer momento en que vi a jonathan en la pantalla me enamore de el y en mas de una ocasion he soñado con el. lamentablemente los sueños no se cumplen, asi que me conformo con verlo en las paginas de internet y en tv.

  • Gabriella

    No words to describe him!! He is just perfect!! I love him!! (and that beard suits him well!!)

  • http://GOODLE lindsey gail evans

    DearJonathan Rhys Meyers my name is lindsey gail evans and I would like to send you a message to say that I think? you are the best film and tv actor in the whole wide world. and my favourite character you played in the Tudors is King Henry . I love you so much loads and I day dream about you when I play your wife Jane Seamour in the Tudors you are a very nice person and a good looking talent actor in the whole wide world. I dream about when you and me are linking arms together whail me and you are going for romantic walks to arm and arm . I would like to meet you some time in the future love from your Tudor lover lindsey gail evans

  • adriana

    hola la verdad jona es el mejor actor es original sexy y tierno y me gustaria conocerlo. mientras cuidate nene.