fiona apple with fatboy slim on a sunday!

fiona apple with fatboy slim on a sunday!
January 8, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey hey everybody! gosh the weekend sure does fly on (rather than walk on) by – it was so freaking nice here in los angeles yesterday & today – i was able to take my two dogs fidel & parker to laurel canyon dog park this morning – they both had a blast and met a wide variety of new doggie friends! i got some work done, cleaned up a lot behind the scenes on popbytes, plus i caught a whole bunch of miami ink over on A&E – they were doing a marathon so i got trapped into watching people getting tattoos for a good portion of the day…it made me wanna go get one!

i also came across two videos i thought worth posting here – the first is fiona apple‘s ‘o sailor’ which i am just totally head over heels in love with – it’s done quite well and really fits the style of the song to a tee! it is a must see – fiona running all over a haunted ghost ship – it’s classic sullen fiona – so please do check it out! this is the best video i have seen a long time so go on and enjoy! oh my gosh it’s so good – i can’t stop gushing about it!

» watch fiona apple’s o sailor (.mov 23.5mb)

the second is fatboy slim‘s ‘don’t let the man get you down’ – which is the great first track off his album ‘palookaville’ – and contains a very familiar sample from the five man electric band‘s song ‘signs’ And the sign said, long-haired freaky people need not apply – this video was released in six different versions – all featuring a guy named ‘don’ who is a racist and dies a different way in each video – the lesson is simple from fatboy – be a racist & die…this is the version where don chokes to death – gosh that fatboy always has the most eccentric videos – always keeping things interesting – anyways i am out for today – a bunch of crap to watch on TV tonight – and tomorrow it’s back to work…popbytes over & out – xxoo

» watch fatboy slim’s don’t let the man get you down (.mov 14.7mb)