final destination 3!

final destination 3!
November 26, 2005 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

oh i’m so excited for the third installment of those super scary horror flicks final destination – i just came across the teaser trailer for number three which lands in theaters on feb 10th (perfect valentines day date movie!) – and gosh it looks scary as hell – i love all the inventive ways they whack people off in these films – this one features a runaway rollercoaster – what could be scarier?!? i actually love rollercoasters but not ones that go off track – that would be frightening! but even more scary is that it cooled off today in los angeles – and it’s super windy – walking my dogs tonight i thought they might blow away plus i hate that it gets darker earlier but it is a perfect saturday night to catch a movie & stay warm (i’m gonna play catch-up and watch the life aquatic with steve zissou) – rock on – i will be back tomorrow for the last day of this lovely four day holiday weekend…xxoo

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