FilmBytes: Mia Farrow Vs. Naomi Campbell!

FilmBytes: Mia Farrow Vs. Naomi Campbell!
August 10, 2010 TEAM POPBYTES

Have you been following that blood diamonds trial? The legendary Mia Farrow is testifying against supermodel Naomi Campbell. Naomi had claimed that she didn’t know where certain “dirty stones” came from. Mia begs to differ. Weird trivia note: They’ve been co-stars before, supporting Sarah Jessica Parker in her pre Sex & The City days in Miami Rhapsody (1995). A friend of mine tweeted that he was worried for Mia’s safety. Everyone knows you don’t mess with Naomi. Imagine being trampled underfoot the way she stomps down a runway! But, really, there’s no need to worry. Mia will be just fine. She may look frail but she’s always been made of steel. She’s survived early fame (it hit when she was only 19), messy romances, political fights, protest fasts and continually Hollywood snubbings. (It’s crazy but she’s never even been nominated for an Oscar!)

Mia even survived rough sex with the Devil himself.

No, I don’t mean hot tempered Frank Sinatra (Mia’s man in the late 60s) or Woody Allen (her partner in the 70s and 80s) but the actual Devil … Lucifer, Beelzebub, The Prince of Darkness. See ROSEMARY’S BABY if you never have. It’s only one of the greatest movies ever made.

While we’re all watching that again, maybe the judge should force Naomi to sit through Blood Diamond (2006)?

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