FilmBytes: Jennifer Aniston, Please ‘Switch’ back to TV!

FilmBytes: Jennifer Aniston, Please ‘Switch’ back to TV!
August 24, 2010 TEAM POPBYTES

Jennifer Aniston‘s new artificial insemination comedy The Switch failed to hit big in its crowded opening weekend (Five new wide releases? Craziness) but Hollywood isn’t likely to give up on her as a leading lady. Her movies are rarely memorable or well reviewed but they do okay and occasionally break out. That’s apparently enough when you’re as well liked as she. What’s more troubling is that her movie characters just aren’t as awesome or funny as ‘Rachel’ on Friends. Maybe I’m alone in this but I’d so much rather she went back to television than make more movies like The Bounty Hunter or The Switch. If Aniston ever goes back to headlining sitcoms where she belongs — can’t wait to see her guesting on Courteney Cox‘s Cougar Town like Lisa Kudrow did — I promise to wear a ‘Team Aniston’ t-shirt for an entire week as penance for the bad reviews I sometimes give her. Do they still make those? (The t-shirts not the bad reviews. They definitely still make the bad reviews!)

The Friends alum that was most worthy of a movie career was totally Lisa Kudrow. She was Oscar-nom worthy in Opposite of Sex (1998), interesting and complicated in Happy Endings (2005) and pure comedy gold in Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion (1997). It’s so not right!

Who was your favorite on that 90s classic? Do you think they got the post-Friends career they deserved? Add your comments below!

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