filmbytes: hugh jackman: he’s a dancer!

filmbytes: hugh jackman: he’s a dancer!
June 15, 2010 TEAM POPBYTES

Like MK I was thrilled to get the 15th Anniversary of Showgirls on Blu-Ray, so I couldn’t resist this title even though we’re talking about Hugh Jackman and not some whorey Vegas stripper. He’s not an action star, he’s a dancer! Well, actually he’s both even though he’s giving his action star self a lot more of time lately. Here’s the first still from his next film Real Steel and a picture of Hugh on set.

In the new movie, set in the near future, he builds and trains a giant boxing robot. Sounds crazy. Will it be stupid fun or just stupid? I’m all for Hugh getting creative with his hands (and biceps *swoon*) but how about his feet? Why not do a musical in between these action flicks? Why didn’t they make his smash hit Broadway musical The Boy From Oz into a movie? He could have been Oscar-nominated. Hugh should be Hollywood’s #1 Song & Dance man and instead he’s letting Matthew Morrison, Neil Patrick Harris and god knows who else steal his thunder. Step away from the giant robots, Hugh Jackman. Shia Labeouf and Robert Downey Jr. already cornered that market.

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