filmbytes: a mad man goes to town

filmbytes: a mad man goes to town
July 27, 2010 TEAM POPBYTES

It’s hard to think about the movies when this entire week has been about Mad Men. It’s such a great show. Jon Hamm is ruling the small screen as ‘Don Draper’ but the big screen is in the near future. This September he’s a tough FBI agent interrogating the likes of Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall and Blake Lively in the crime thriller THE TOWN.

That movie will play at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Toronto is often used as a launching pad for Oscar campaigns so we’ll see if the movie can muster up any buzz for its stars. The festival just announced the first batch of the movies and Canada will be Hollywood North come September. Other movies looking to cause a stir include RABBIT HOLE with Nicole Kidman as a grieving mom, BLACK SWAN with Natalie Portman as a haunted ballerina, THE CONSPIRATOR a Lincoln assassination drama from Robert Redford and THE KING’S SPEECH which could give Colin Firth another go at the Oscar. He was pretty great in A Single Man (have you seen it now that it’s on DVD?) last year but he lost to Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. Please head over to Film Experience for even more cinematic musings!

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