Ferras knows how to “Speak In Tongues”

Ferras knows how to “Speak In Tongues”
October 27, 2014 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

Ferras "Speak In Tongues"

Easily one of this year’s best releases … don’t miss Ferras‘ new music video for the title track of his EP, Speak In Tongues. I got to see him open for Katy Perry (having just signed to her new label) a few months ago and he was fantastic. Please do pay attention when I actually manage to give a male artist the time of day … as many of you know that I am so all about the ladies when it comes to music–but then you a have guy like Ferras pop onto the scene who totally does it for me!

Speak In Tonguesavailable now!
Official video for Ferras’ “Speak In Tongues” directed by Will Joines and produced by Robert Bartolome

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Ferras "Speak In Tongues"

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