fergie goes all complex on us!

fergie goes all complex on us!
October 6, 2006 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids – it’s friday night and oh man am i beat – anyone else feel the same way? by the end of the week i feel like i’ve been run over by a pop gossip train! my head starts spinning with people like jessica, britney, paris, katie, anna, madge, scarlett, beyonce (you get the point by now – i won’t go on) it can certainly drive a person a bit crazy but of course we continue to carry on…

i just came across these pics of ms. fergie gracing the cover of the latest complex magazine – these pics don’t even look like her – i had to look a few times – especially that picture where she’s all bent over (photoshop is definitely a girl’s BFF) but the quote is what sold me on posting the scans here…i’m a big flirt, but i don’t give it away every time i want to. i guess i’m a tease i wonder how many times a day she wants to give it away?!? gosh her bent over position makes it look like she just gave it away or is about to…anybody wanna hop in there? it’s ready & ripe for the picking! gosh popbytes got a little dirty tonight (yes i had a little red wine – maybe that should be a friday thing – get a buzz going & write a post) i’m over & out for now…xxoo!