FashionBytes: Naomi vs. Kate + A not-so naked Julianne!

FashionBytes: Naomi vs. Kate + A not-so naked Julianne!
October 29, 2010 NIK THAKKAR

It is almost Halloween and the closest fashion spread that can even be compared to the theme is that of Gaga impersonator, Edward Vigiletti posing for Candy magazine. Having said that though, the photo is pretty damn slick, but I am convinced that my plan to go out as a roadkill rentboy just might outdo it.

In other news, according to Vogue.com, Julianne Moore says she wasn’t actually naked in the contentious Bulgari campaign that was banned in Venice last month: “I wasn’t naked – I was wearing all sorts of things actually. You just see my legs and arms and all the animals and handbags. There was the suggestion of it because you but really I wasn’t exposed at all. Sometimes I was wearing a slip, others a long bathing suit”.

This week also saw the latest pictures of Kate Moss looking not too photoshopped and pretty much coke free, as she models her last (British fashionistas shed a small tear) Topshop line.

It also saw Naomi Campbell posing in fur vests and coats for the fall Dennis Basso campaign. Shame for PETA/whatevs, she looks hot.

Nik Thakkar