FashionBytes: Goodbye Ronaldo, Hello Rafa!

FashionBytes: Goodbye Ronaldo, Hello Rafa!
December 10, 2010 NIK THAKKAR

News just in is that Cristiano Ronaldo‘s abs and bulge for all Armani underwear and jeans campaigns are set to be replaced with those of world-class tennis player and fellow hottie sportsman, Rafael Nadal. The first campaign images are set to come out in February, with billboards and short films galore – all of which we will be sharing with you on PopBytes and KARLISMYUNKLE, so stay tuned. To tide you over, here is a photo of what y’all can expect to see more of next Spring.

If you haven’t already seen it, the full video for Baptiste Giacobini (aka Karl Lagerfeld‘s muse) hit the internet this week too. On the lyrical front it is pretty average – the song is definitely a grower. However, you do get to see four minutes of the Chanel babe rolling around on a motorcycle, rescuing hookers and looking A-MAZING. You even get to hear him speak English. Until next week!

Nik Thakkar