Farrah Abraham is f*cking insane!

Farrah Abraham is f*cking insane!
May 16, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Apparently, Farrah Abraham woke up this morning, looked at her daughter and thought, “hmmmm, what can I do today to get more attention while simultaneously proving that I’m a terrible mother who will some day ruin her daughter?” And then Farrah decided to go on King Mac Radio to talk about how she plans on showing her sex tape to her daughter when she turns 13. Did you hear that Child Protective Services? DID YOU HEAR THAT BULLSH!T? Also, she once again tries to pretend like James Deen has a small penis, even though there are thousands of videos proving otherwise. Actually, has it ever occurred to her that maybe James isn’t small? Maybe she just has a huge va-jay-jay? I’m just saying, if we have video proof that a penis is nothing to sneeze at, maybe you’re the problem.

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