fantasia & carbon

fantasia & carbon
November 20, 2004 MICHAEL KNUDSEN

hey kids – saturday here – just gearing up for another new episode of sat night live – luke
wilson hosts and U2 provides the tunes – and im just grooving onto my advance copy of american idol 3 winner fantasia‘s first album release – entitled free yourself im going to give a
B+ – its quite well done – including a great guest stint from missy elliot on track 4 – selfish
and her stirring sizzling rendition of gershwin’s summertime & a superb cover of willie nelson’s
always on my mind are included as well – i think her attitude and drive will take her far past
american idol fame – and who can wait for the next season – finally we get to see sweet sexy ryan
seacrest – my mom will surely be happy – she just adores him – whats not to adore!

this is a special shout out to a dear friend of mine – my miss melissa – who just scored a major
press coup – her boyfriend adam & his biz partner jason own and operate a very cool,
chill bar/lounge right here in los angeles – CARBON – located on venice blvd right in culver city!
so melissa snagged a great – amazing – write-up in the los angeles times (Neighborhood bar Carbon is only about nine miles from the epicenter of Hollywood, but judging from the lounge’s low-key attitude, it might as well be in a different time zone.) that surely establishes
CARBON as one of the hot spots in LA – leave your pretention at the doors and settle into one of
the grooviest and welcoming night spots – thats pretty hard to find in los angeles – altho i love it –
it does have a certain hollywood attitude (but after living in NYC for almost eight years – anyone in los angeles
can bite me) so check out CARBON – and guess what – popbytes designed the website – so there is some
extra incentive

its quite funny i didnt even know melissa was here in los angeles (i have know that gal since
kindergarten!!!) and i randomly bumped into her at starbucks – and the rest is reunited energy! she is
a complete doll – and she is to be my date next friday when popbytes makes his grand re-emergence on
long island at my ten yr high school reunion – cant wait to see what the gang has been up to –
should be quite interesting – my self-confidence has improved ten-fold since high school (not the
easiest experience but all in all as a gay teen i couldnt complain all that much could have been
much worse!) but who has time for harboring bad feelings – not popbytes – so im very excited and
just a drop nervous (popbytes is a firm believer in letting it all hang out – i mean why not?)
– thank heavens melissa will be there with me!

and finally im going to add my very quick two cents into the whole monday night football/desperate
housewives intro debacle that happened this week – i saw it when it aired and thought it quite cute
and clever – anyone who is using even an ounce on energy on making a stink about this needs to get a
grip – i swear for all the energy that goes into protection of morals (whatever that freakin’
means) and family values needs to be shot – there are so many more important things to be worried
on – popbytes is so busy (almost all of the time) – the thought of trying to put some time/effort/thought into some
bullshit issue makes me ill – i swear some people drive me up the wall and down again – sometimes i
feel bad that people dont have something better and more productive to do! go get a life! i know im
all fired up tonight but i mean come on!!! so silly and not even worth the space i gave it here –
which i promised to be quick but alas popbytes cant shut the hell up – so until tomorrow – pobytes
under a gag order!