Fans are trying to get Robin Williams into ‘Legend of Zelda’

Fans are trying to get Robin Williams into ‘Legend of Zelda’
August 16, 2014 JEREMY FEIST

Robin Williams

A few of you might know this, but Robin Williams was a huge Legend of Zelda fan. Like, massive. To the point where he named his daughter, Zelda Williams, after the game and even appeared in a commercial for the Nintendo’s 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time. Anyway, as a final farewell, fans are now trying to petition on change.org to have him included in the next Legend of Zelda game by naming one of the game’s NPCs Robin …

Robin was an avid player of video games, with a love for all things Nintendo, and a particular love of all things Legend of Zelda. It is well-known that he named his daughter after the series’ titular princess. Nintendo of America itself only recently hired him and his daughter to promote the franchise in a series of ads. So, in a day where there aren’t many words, what can we do? Well, there’s a new Zelda game on the horizon. A bold reinvention, a fresh new open world adventure for Wii U. I would like to suggest that when the game is localised to English, Nintendo of America and the Treehouse name one of the characters “Robin” in his memory.

Which is a perfectly reasonable offer. I mean once again, he actually did a commercial for the game. Going into the game’s code and just renaming one of the characters Robin shouldn’t be that big of a hassle, should it? Hell, Robin even sounds like a character that already exists in the game.

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