Fans and friends mourn Paul Walker

Fans and friends mourn Paul Walker
December 2, 2013 JEREMY FEIST

Paul Walker

So … this was really quite a shock, wasn’t it? I mean, Paul Walker was only 40, and now he’s gone. Always be careful when driving, kids. Anyway, friends and fans have flocked to the site of the deadly car crash to mourn their loss, and his Fast & Furious co-star Tyrese even showed up to pay his respects. He also took an Instagram picture with a piece of the car wreckage, which … I get why some people find it weird, but you have to understand, people are still learning to mourn in an age where social media is an ever present thing. There’s no right or wrong way to mourn in the first place, so if people feel they need to use it to air their grief? Go for it.

Tyrese Mourns Paul Walker

I will keep your energy with me forever #AshesOfAnAngel fast family around the world we live you and we love you Paul is the heartbeat of this franchise and were gonna see to it that his energy and presence lives on forever #myhearthurtssobad


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